Building by Building

This section sets out the principles for the treatment and improvement of buildings and groups of buildings in the Study Area based on an analysis of the historic fabric, the evolution of the area and an analysis of each building. It gives guidance to freeholders and occupants on ways of improving their buildings so as to enhance their historic character and that of the conservation areas as a whole and make the streets more attractive. Attention is drawn to typical features which might form specific models for restoration work to other buildings in the Study Area.

Historic Street Views

Where historic images which parallel the contemporary ones as a streetscape are available, a ‘Historic View‘ button above streetscapes (top-right) will appear and clicking it will reveal the relevant Historic Street View. Individual historic images can be accessed/enlarged via clicking the corresponding contemporary images that lead onto the Appraisal pages with a light box for each building with their images.


There are two ways to navigate this section:

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The contemporary architectural photographs capture a moment in time. Inevitably, changes in occupation result in changes to shopfronts, paintwork and signage in particular. It is not practical to update the photographs to reflect these minor changes but we will make every effort to keep up with structural or substantial changes to buildings and replace photographs accordingly.

Wherever available, archive photographs have been included along with the contemporary photographs, illustrating examples of fine restoration as well as losses. The Historic Street View allows a comparison with the current streetscape, while further archive photographs can be found on the individual buildings pages.

Photograph usage and how to credit the Trust

The contemporary architectural photographs are all copyrighted material. If using any of our architectural images from this site you must credit the Trust as:

“Images © the Seven Dials Trust,”

If you wish to order high resolution images please use the SHOP section form.

Historic Estates

Some of these street blocks have evolved through historic common ownership. These are listed below with links to further information

The Woodyard Brewery

The Comyn Ching Triangle

The Mercers’ Estate

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